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Russian team for Antholz

  • Hi you all. I'm smint and wanted to know your expectations of the russian team for WCH in Antholz.

    The russian men had demonstrate such a strength in Oberhof. What a performance after the problems with the sponsor.

    And on the other side... the women. So bad results in individual competitions. Moiseeva is 14th in WC-ranking. Do you expect a individual medal or a podium in relay? :?:

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  • Do you expect a individual medal or a podium in relay?
    As for women team of course, we hope that they can win medal in relay and as for individual, I don't expect it, but everything can happen. As for men, I think our team can reach coach's plan and win one gold, one silver and one bronze.
  • Wilhelmina, 10 Янв 2007, 11:15
    Yeah, that would be really quite a result, of course))
  • I think our men and women team will win a relay race on World Championship certainly!
    Our boys and girls can summon one's strength at necessary moment!
    Especially I believe in Nikolay Kruglov and Maksim Chudov.
    Go straight on!!!
  • Ярославна, 22 Янв 2007, 13:19
    I'm just thinking,that in case our team as a whole will win 2-3 gold medals,it'll be great. I wish them good luck! And i wish i were there and give them some support.
  • The russian men are not really such strong like at the beginning of season. Notably Iarochenko and Tchoudov are in weaker shape. Perhaps they are a bit tired. Kruglov is on top these days. But also Tcherezov had bad performance last races in Pokljuka. Maybe they have been on top too early ?

    Do you think, Austrian Sumann is a real favorit? Or had he luck to be good while others are becomes tired?
  • Wilhelmina, 23 Янв 2007, 17:15
    I think that as for Russian men and Sumann, it's just the point of different preparation plans. You see that Kruglov's performance during the season has diofferent dynamics than that of other Russian men (Tcherezov, Tchoudov and Iarochenko). So the same for Sumann: he is obviously preparing the top form for the WCHs, so why not)
  • But also Tcherezov had bad performance last races in Pokljuka. Maybe they have been on top too early ?
    Maybe early. But look at the weather this winter. Who can guess how to prepare for a race? And maybe austrian service group made the right desision, so Sumann felt stronger, but I don't think it was only luck. Now with his shooting he can be one of favorites.
  • I think the main purpose for Kruglov, the rest Russians and Sumann is the same - WCh, but the've chosen different ways. Suman and Kruglov (and Svendsen too) will try to keep they form till Antholz, while Iaroshenko, Tcherezov and Tchoudov will try to improve conditions. The races will show who was right.
  • Congratulation to your men relay team. A great victory - unbeatable and record-beraking !!!

    1 missing shoot only... incredible. And the skiing speed wasn't bad as well I think.
  • and record-beraking !!!
    Repetition, smint. :wink:
    Victor Maigourov, Vladimir Drachev, Sergei Tarasov and Alexei Kobelev used just one spare in the World Championships 1996 relay.
  • Does anybody knows, wich russian athlets are sending to ECH in Bulgaria ? :?:
  • smint

    Men: Sergei Balandin, Alexei Churine, Mikhail Kochkin, Andrei Makoveev, Evgeny Ustugov, Artem Ushakov

    Women: Svetlana Chernousova, Lyubov Ermolaeva, Evgenia Kravtsova, Irina Malgina, Olga Prokopieva, Nadezhda Kolesnikova

    Jr. Men: Timur Abyshev, Dmitry Blinov, Anton Shipulin, Alexander Starykh, Victor Vasiliev

    Jr. Women: Ekaterina Glazyrina, Evgenia Sedova, Ekaterina Shumilova, Svetlana Sleptsova, Olga Vilukhina, Elena Kozak
  • Thanks Ali:

    besides Irina Malgina (maybe also Andrei Makoveev) are no well-known WC-Starters in Bulgaria, or ?
    Ekaterina Shumilova surely, beceause her JWCH-results.
    But obviously there are some interesting "not so well known" athlets in Bulgaria.

    PS: is Anton Shipulin a brother of Anastasia Shipulina ?
  • smint, Svetlana Chernousova is double World Champion. She even won sprint in Puhpolding two years ago.
    PS: is Anton Shipulin a brother of Anastasia Shipulina ?
    Yes, he's her brother.
  • logos:
    yes, double world-champion, but some years ago. Currently she's not in WC-shape anymore.
    But, if I'm honestly... I don't remember her name - sorry. Did she changed her name ??? :?
    Ok, she was more successful in relay as I see. But Ruhpolding 2004/05 ??? boaahhh I don't remember this name... :oops:
  • Ekaterina Shumilova surely, beceause her JWCH-results.
    If you're talking about JWCh, you should also remember double World Champion Svetlana Sleptsova.
  • Wilhelmina, 22 Фев 2007, 13:32
    In the pre-Olympic season at Ruhpolding she won a sprint showing the best result together with Olga Pyleva.
  • Wilhelmina + Ali:
    yes, Sleptsova I know. But again... Svetlana Chernousova isn't a name I remember in my brain. I only see her in lists from this time.
    Maybe too less WC-races ? Shame on me :oops:
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